Working with energy and different types of therapeutic touch in massage – Robert Henderson

Samstag bis Sonntag 23.03. – 24.03.2019, Seminar mit Robert Henderson, Early Bird bis 22.01.2019 180,- Euro, danach 200,- Euro

Saturday 10-17, with 75 minutes lunch break
Sunday 10-16, with 75 minutes lunch break

Oftentimes in massage, it is your client’s underlying emotional or energetic state that is causing them the physical pain they feel in their body when they come to you for treatment. They have had a stressful week at work. They are having difficulty at home or in their relationship. They are worried about the future. They are feeling stuck in life at the moment.

In such circumstances, what you feel in your client’s body – the tightness, contraction or compression of muscles, fascia or nervous tissue – is the result of an emotional reaction your client is having to being in one of those situations, such as the frustration of being in a situation they cannot control or get out of.
Accordingly, treating your client on the energetic/emotional level, as determined by the type of energy you use in your touch, as well as treating them on the physical level, as determined by the massage technique you use, will serve your client better as it works deeper into their condition, offering them longer-lasting relief.

This workshop

In this workshop, we will investigate the connection between energy, emotion and the body and reveal the links between specific energetic/emotional situations in your client’s life and specific physical reactions, or conditions in their body.
We will examine the different types of energy and touch you can use in your work to relieve certain types of physical distress in your client’s body, such as weakness, tightness, coldness or contraction in muscles and connective tissue.

Additionally, we will explore the energetic connection between therapist and client in massage which can sometimes arise and cause the therapist to experience unexpected reaction in their own body, such as feeling tired, heavy, cold, agitated or even slightly nauseous following a treatment.

Finally, we will break-down the process of an emotional release in massage into its separate parts so you can understand and deal with each one just in case an emotional release happens during one of your treatments.

For whom?

The workshop is suitable to therapists and bodyworkers of all modalities and levels of experience. All you need is a little curiosity or maybe some previous experience of energy which has led you to having some questions on the subject.

Robert Henderson

Robert Henderson is a Thai massage teacher/practitioner. He has been practicing for eighteen years, specialising in energy work and emotional release. He is an authorized Sunshine Network teacher and an Instructor-level member of THAI (Thai Healing Alliance International). He is the author of the book ‘Emotion and Healing in the Energy Body’ and of many articles on theme of energy and the body in various yoga and massage journals. Robert lives in Vienna and teaches regularly throughout Europe.
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